Friday, June 26, 2009

Almost Finished

Woohoo we are in the home stretch! 26 days til our due date but because I had a c-section with Si I have to with Pierce as well which means we get to schedule it and we get to do it at 39 weeks so woot a week early! We are scheduled for either the 16th or the 17th of July (that is unless Pierce wants to come sooner--which is ok with me as long as he is healthy). I don't know when it will be confirmed for the actual date, my doc scheduled both days with the expectation that he will get bumped on one of them.

I am currently out of a job because the company went out of business. It is both nice and stressful. I get to rest...all the time and spend tons of time with Silas which I am hoping will make the transition from only child to big bro much easier. But because we expected me to be able to work for over a month more it means that Jordan has only just started the job search...which means he is not yet working which means things are tight. I like having one of us home with Sisi but it is not so great having both of us is a bit excessive :-P. We certainly will not get to move before the baby comes (as was our hope) and we are even a little worried about how rent is going to get paid. But things have always worked out for us in the past thanks to little blessings (or sometimes great big ones) so we are keeping our heads up and remaining optimistic (or at least Jordan is as he is the eternal optimist in our relationship and I am the doomsful pessimist). And he is applying for every kind of job under the sun it seems so hopefully all his efforts will pay off soon.

Pierce it seems is a big one. I am humongo and feeling it. I am not certain a person who is not quite 5'3'' is supposed to carry so much weight on their body and it makes this girl uncomfortable. But he is very healthy and has a nice strong heartbeat and besides all the aches and pains and swelling this pregnancy is going very well! Speaking of swelling...oy. I get the biggest most swollen feet you could imagine (maybe and exageration depending on how good your imagination is) but it is gross...marshmallows that have been toasted but not yet browned is how I would describe it...ugh. And I, despite the fact that my father's gene contribution is predisposed to it, do not have an addictive personality...but my one and only true addiction is Pepsi and because of this retched swelling I have been instructed not to take even a sip of my beloved weakness until after I deliver..."whoa to me" is all I can say. Heh. In all seriousness though, staying away from this delectable treat is one of the hardest things I have had to do...and yes, I know that that is very sad. But an addiction is an addiction.

On the Silas front, he talks like crazy here at can't get him to quiet down it seems...and he is our little parrot. As soon as you get him around people he does not know very well (which is basically everyone on the planet besides Jordan and myself) he tightens up like a clam and you can hardly get him to utter more than two words. Heh. He is very very shy like his mom and if I knew how to get him over that I would not be so shy myself...with a dad as outgoing as his perhaps he will outgrow this but we will see. He is working on potty training and has a 100% success rate when he is butt naked. And is starting to catch on a little (but not a lot) when he is wearing a pull up. But mostly he just goes in his pants if he has underwear or a pullup on. It is frustrating but at least he goes to the toilet when naked...and well, he spends most of his time naked so most of the time he goes in his toilet. He is learning to tell us when he has to go (when he is naked) so hopefully that will soon lead to him telling us when he is clothed. He is quite possibly the most amazing kid on the planet (no bias here). He is indeed in the terrible two's of life and he has perfected the art of being terrible. Which of course means that he has penatrated my heart beyond repair as I have a particular fondness for trouble makers and turd buckets :-P.

I am not sure if I will be on here again before Pierce comes but I will try to remember an update when I do have him. If something amazing happens before then I will make an effort to update all 2 or 3 of you who have taken notice of this blog hehe. But until then...see ya!