Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh so Tired!|

Tomorrow is my last day for clinicals. Then final testing and applying for certification, 4-6 weeks later I will be certified and yay! I am 99% certain I will be hired on at Life Care Center which will mean a transfer to CA Life Care Center will be plausible when we get to that point in life. Woohoo. Boys are good and adjusting well to me being gone for several hours out of the day again. Ok so tired, just thought I should stay in the habit of updating otherwise you wont be hearing from me for a couple years or something. Now that that is done.....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Less Lazy? Or procrastination?

Procrastination, of course. Layout and color changes so, yeah.

What, what?

I am at it again...time since last post...somewhere around 2 years. That has to be a record in poor updating skills. Whooops.

In light of my new interest in blogging again I have done a revamp. New title, new theme, new everthing...though not layout or color scheme as I am too not everything, I guess, eh?


So yeah two years...this means Pierce is now 2. Woot. The boys, amazing, lovely, crazy, stubborn, beautiful, unique little buggars!

Silas will be starting preschool next month, oh my I am so excited and a little sad at this thought. He is so ready for it, at least now that we have had a nice talk about how it is only for a few hours a day, mommy and daddy can not come with him (even though he really wants us to), and that he may have to play with other kids but if he chooses not to he wont get in trouble...I think this is the scariest idea for him. He is still so desperately shy, the idea of having to interact with a bunch of kids is terrifying. I know though, that he will get the hang of it and will just love having friends once it is normal and not just talked about.

Pierce, he only pretends to be shy sometimes. Really though he is just like his daddy, loud, stubborn, outgoing, and a little bit of a trouble maker but he has that sweet soft side that melts your heart to mush! We are currently working on potty training and really only successful if he is naked...which he LOVES to be. Otherwise he uses "I have to go potty" as an excuse to get out of going to be or to get out of being in trouble. He is too smart for my own good sometimes!

The two boys are almost like night and day but it is so amazing to see them together. They sure do know how to fight, but oh when they play it brings me so much joy. They are and I think always will be partners in crime. If one is doing it the other one probably started it is how it works in this house.

I think all my avid and dedicated readers (;-}) know all about me but alas I will just give the update. Jordan and I got married, oh yes we did, right? July 3rd 2011. Wow. Almost six years and 2 kids later it was about time. We kept putting off the wedding because financially things are tight and we kept hoping for greener pastures but alas they didn't come and we decided enough is enough and we are going to do it no matter what. It was pretty amazing because one thing led to another and we had a pastor to do it for free (plus a new church home), a church to wed in for free (the church I went to as a child so it was a full circle feel to it which is a nice feel for the start of a marriage), a whole church family who pulled together to make a lovely reception for us (for free) I found a dress I could make pass as a wedding dress for $25 which was crazy and nice.

And because it was so casual and laid back we didn't need to put out all the stops on invites, save the dates, or anything. It was a come if you want last minute sort of thing and I have no regrets. I appreciated the family and friends that could make it and did and most of those that can't let us know how sorry they were they couldn't which was nice, we had no expectations because we gave such last minute notice. So even if someone didn't come because they didn't like us we didn't know about it because we didn't expect as big a turn out as we got. It was lovely as if we had gone through all the trouble and someone didn't come just because they didn't think it was worth their while I would have been devastated. In this case ignorance may have been bliss! :-D Heh heh.

We are doing pretty well. I am doing CNA training right now because it is a job that is in high demand and I can do anywhere. So it will be useful here and when we make the move to Cali for my schooling. I actually love the idea of helping the elder population to start and am considering looking at positions in the mental health field for later so that I can get my foot in the door for said schooling. I am a Registered Nursing Assistant at this point. At the end of this week I will have finished my clinicals and am really hoping to be hired on at Life Care Center where I am doing the training shortly after that or even better while I am still in clinicals. We'll see though.

Getting jobs are our priority right now so that we can get a place of our own because of all the areas in our life right now our living situation is the one that leaves something to be desired. And tha is all I have to say about that.

Jordan is doing just fine. He is keeping busy with the boys while I am doing my CNA stuff. He is adjusting to being married pretty well. I think he thought he would never get to that point but alas he did, SUCKA! Heh just joking...sorta. Meh we are just doing what we do, like always.

This will probably be one of the longer posts you'll ever see from me but there was a lot of ground to cover. And now it is done. So yeah...