Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Quick Update Before the Good One

Alright. I am 18 weeks today. Officially in my fifth month and that is exciting. I can feel the baby moving a little now which is always creepy cuz I am the only one who feels it and knows it is happening. I am way bigger this time than with Silas at this point. At five months with Silas I was just barely getting a bump. But two weeks ago I started having customers at the store asking me politely if I was expecting...which you know you don't do unless you are fairly certain a person is expecting. Sometimes if I am in a grumpy kind of mood I just want to say "no, what are you talking about? What are you trying to say?" Just to make them blush but even at my grumpiest I can't be that mean. Poo.

I have been plagued with daily headaches and frequent migraines. It is so much less than fun. I have been making sure to drink lots of water but it is still a constant thing. I normally get headaches on a regular basis but these ones are intense and very distracting. There are many days that I take the maximum amount of Tylenol aloud and still can not get rid of them. The dr. reluctantly prescribed Vicoden but I've not even filled the prescription cuz if my doc is reluctant than it is probably something I would be better off not taking. So if anyone has tips for naturally relieving a headache let me know.

I say this is the update before the good one because the next time I get around to updating will probably be in a couple weeks after we get to do our second ultrasound. We will likely get to know the sex of the baby then. When we know I will share his or her name respectively. I can't wait!

In other news. Silas is doing wonderful. He is starting to pick up more and more words and is quite chatty. He is also quite skilled in the fit throwing; almost a pro. And he has found his sure fire way of getting out of trouble when he has been caught doing something he knows he is not supposed to. It involves a fish face kiss and a hug. It is very hard to resist.

Well I have run out of steam so this is the end of the line today.


  1. Only because you said you were already taking Tylenol... I've had migraines since I was about 14. The only thing that has ever worked for me is Excedrin Migraine. That and sleep. I wish I could hang out with Silas... I'd make him pro at the fit throwing! (: Kidding. I think. I like that you're keeping a blog about your pregnancy this time around--I'm always happy to read how it's going. Fingers are crossed for a girl, by the way. Haha Love you.

  2. Yeah I have gotten regular migraines and that is all that works for me as well...unfortunately I can't take that being prego. And I don't get to sleep cuz of is very lame! Oooh and I wish you could hang out with Silas more too...and me :-P