Sunday, December 28, 2008

Up to this Point

Alright so this pregnancy story starts with a trip to get a refill on the birth control. Every time I went to P.P. to get some more they had an unexpected closure (no joke). Finally I made it there and they were open...a month after I ran out...yeah, I know. But seriously we decided to try to have a baby with little Si man and it took us 6mo off the pill before we one month, no problem. Right? Nada. Ran a test just as a precaution. I had no worries. I didn't even feel pregnant. I sure felt pregnant with Silas. So when she came in and said: "so the test was positive" all I could say was "what?" And thus the start of our little surprise party.

My job doesn't offer health insurance so I get to deal with the glories of the state health plan. No fun. Seriously...I won't even get into it cuz just the thought of it is exhausting. I'm just hoping I can have the same Dr. that delivered Silas.

We want a girl. I joke that if I have a boy I am putting him back...but of course we will love him just the same. But seriously I would love to have just 2 kids and if we have a boy this time around we will have to try once more for a girl. (If third time isn't a charm that is the end of the line). We have a girl name picked out already but if we have a boy we are at a complete loss. So cross your fingers for a girl for us. This pregnancy is so different from my pregnancy with Silas that I am hoping that fact alone means the little one is a girl.

Our first ultrasound is Wednesday. Since I have no idea when this little one was made we have no idea how far along I am...the guess now is 10 to 12 weeks...but Wednesday is the day. I'll keep you posted!

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  1. WOOOO HOOOO SURPRISE PARTY!!! That's the best way to go Momma! :)