Friday, January 2, 2009

It is Going to be a Looong Hot Summer!

Had the ultrasound on the 31st (finally). At first the lady could not even find the little one...freaked me out. But alas (s)he was found...legs kicking around first then the rest of *her*/him. Looks about like I am 10.5 to 11 weeks along with the e.d.d. being July 22. All I can think is how freaking hot this summer is going to be...oy.

My dad came along for the ultrasound and him and Jordan sat there and discussed football through the entire thing...she brought the heartbeat up so we could hear it and they talked right through it. I literally had to tell them that they may want to stop talking so they could experience this epic moment in our journey towards another Edgar. Silly boys that is all I can say.

As soon as I can gain access to a scanner I will put up a pic of the Edgar in progress.

Nothing much new besides that. Starting to get some of my energy back slowly but surely. I definitely spend less time longing for sleep then I did a week ago. Nausea is way less frequent now as well. Not that I minded that too terribly much anything is better than the regular pukage that happened when I was carrying Silas.

In other news Silas has peed in his toilet twice today! I don't think he even realizes when he has to go but only knows when he did go. But dad stubbornly insists he needs to sit on the potty till he goes...and today that has led to 2 toilet happy moments.

I feel like such a mom today hehe.


  1. How exciting! Both the heartbeat/ ultrasound and the potty time!!! You go Momma!

  2. I hope you have a baby girl so that come July, you don't have to put him/her back in the womb...! (: Love you.

  3. LOL have fun with that C section!!! (when you laugh at this, you will probably laugh harder because your belly shakes lol) I LOVE c sections lol... I get to keep my cha cha JUST the way it is lol