Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Since I Suck at Blogging

Meh at this point it is really tough to blog about the whole pregnancy thing...cuz besides peeing ALOT and having incredible non stop back pain I do not feel pregnant. I feel fine and dandy actually, well pretty tired still but... I was so sick with Silas, puking a bunch and feeling like crap all the time during the first trimester I truley felt pregnant. I am starting to show a bit already...which actually just looks like I am getting fatter not pregnanter...I can't wait till it looks like I am actually preggers instead of stinking chubby.

No cravings...which I kind of wanted to have some weird cravings this time around...just so I could say I did. I put jalapenos in my tuna salad the other day and Jordan thought that was a pregnancy thing...I wish it was...but really it was a truley inspired and delicious idea. Some people put pickles...this is way better! Try it!

I can say that I can't wait for the exhaustion part to completely ease off...although maybe that will last for the next 18 years...haha...but no it is tough for me to even stay awake at night and I am a night owl so it is a complete shock to my system.

Still havn't gotten the health insurance thing figured out which is lame...I will have to start harassing...fun. I hate making trouble but I am tired of waiting...

Well, until next time...


  1. So if you were sick with Silas and he is a boy and I wasn't sick with my two boys... maybe that means girls don't make you sick and they do make me sick... HA HA!! There for we are having girls :) Rest up MOMMA!!!

  2. Oy. I still think you are having a girl, but that's because of the BBF vibes I get. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with you having different pregnancy symptoms, though I've heard that occasionally that can be a sign so hopefully it is with you. :) I'm still 100% confident you are carrying a beautiful little lady, though.

    But my momma wasn't sick with me much. In fact, the pregnancy itself was pretty easy going. She craved waffles with both us girls, but everything else was different. She had no sickness and lots of labor with me, then had 8.5 months of sickness with Mandi. The doctor's told Mom Mandi was a boy, and we know Mandi was weird, so perhaps that is the simple explanation as to why the pregnancy was so different hehe. But the fact is that it was two different pregnancies.

    But you're still having a girl. Yep yep. :) I can feeeeeeeell it. :D

  3. "making trouble..." -- remember when deidra and i would say this freshmen year and both you and olivia would say whooowhat is 'making trouble?!' hehe

    i like to imagine it's concocting some kind of creepy in a fishbowl.